Education Spending Per Student by State

The Census Bureau compiles data on education spending per pupil and elementary/secondary education revenues for each state.

Nationally, the most recent data indicates $11,009 is spent on public education per student. Significant variation exists across states; New York spends roughly $20,000 per student, while states like Utah and Idaho only spend about a third as much.

Many different factors and conditions within states influence education spending totals. Some of the more prominent factors include cost of living, class sizes and student demographics.

Spending amounts shown reflect current spending, which does not include capital outlays, interest on debts and payments to other governments. Data was last updated in August 2016 for fiscal year 2014. Select a state in the menu below to view reported education revenues and expenditures by state, or refer to the table below to see how state totals compare after adjusting for inflation:

Inflation-adjusted education spending per student

This table shows changes in total state spending per pupil for elementary/secondary education. Figures are adjusted for inflation and shown in 2014 dollars.

SOURCE: Governing calculations of per pupil current spending data published in U.S. Census Bureau Annual Survey of School Systems

FY 2014 Components of Education Spending

Salary and benefits for instructional employees typically make up slightly more than half of total education spending. Support staff and administrative expenses also account for varying amounts of spending. This chart illustrates how major components of education spending per student vary by state.

Instruction Employee Salaries, Instruction Employee Benefits, Pupil Support, Instructional Staff Support, General Administration, School Administration, Other