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'I'm Stuck' App Developed to Spur Transportation Improvements

Hoping it will push U.S. lawmakers to develop a long-term transportation funding plan, infrastructure advocates developed a smartphone app that allows users to complain to members of Congress about their travel troubles.
by | July 30, 2013

Advocates behind a new smartphone app hope it will bridge the gap between Americans' frustration with traffic and lawmakers' failure to develop a long-term way of paying for infrastructure.

The "I'm Stuck" app, released Tuesday, allows users to document their travel troubles and automatically fire off a message to their senators and member of Congress calling for increased federal investment in transportation.

The role of the app could be significant.

Transportation advocates have long been frustrated by the fact that complaining about traffic seems to be a favorite American pastime,  yet Americans' anecdotal frustration with potholes, traffic jams and unreliable transit hasn't translated into much political pressure. Polls show that virtually nobody considers infrastructure to be America's biggest problem, despite the rhetoric surrounding the issue.

Moreover, while there's no shortage of federal lawmakers who call for increased investment in infrastructure, there have been few serious ideas put forward on how to actually pay for it. That inaction comes even though federal budget analysts continue to offer dire warnings about the government's depleting transportation funds.

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