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  • Using Technology to Budget and Manage for Results
  • View and listen to a one-hour online forum that spotlightsthe Washington State Transportation Improvement Board's use of a performance management system that took it from the verge of extinction to a nationwide model.

  • The Challenge of E-Discovery: How Can Government Proactively Prepare to Respond?
  • One of government's critical responsibilities is the duty to make information available to the public. Responding quickly to e-discovery, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, and internal investigations is critical to government transparency objectives, but the time and resources required to support these activities can result in significant resource challenges.

  • Digitizing Data: Government's Growing IT Management Challenge
  • The amount of information that state and local governments have to capture, store, manage and retrieve, continues to grow exponentially. What are states and localities doing to decrease budgets while maintaining a full, efficient workforce?

  • Greening Government: Best Practices for a More Sustainable Community
  • Increasing sustainability and going green are hardly new topics in communities across America. But what strategies have states, cities and counties found most effective in increasing an awareness about sustainability and putting a greener future at the forefront for decision-makers? What strategies are government leaders using to make their communities more sustainable?

  • Getting it Right: Customer Service and Citizen Engagement
  • Citizen expectations are often shaped by their experience with high-performance organizations outside of government. When those expectations are not met by public agencies, it can harden perceptions of government competence and capacity. How are governments improving customer service and citizen engagement?

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