Open Books: Transparency, Accountability and the Economic Stimulus Package

April 2
Duration: 1 hour

Event Description

Join GOVERNING to discuss how the billions of federal stimulus dollars add a new wrinkle to the challenge of making government information simultaneously more accessible and more secure. Hear from a panel of experts as they share insights and answer critical questions:

  • How are governments planning to deal with challenging obligations organizationally, culturally and technologically?
  • What systems have state and local governments previously put in place to publicly track and monitor contracts and spending? Can they serve as a template for new American Recovery and Reinvestment Act requirements?
  • What lessons have government organizations learned from past and current transparency efforts that will shape how they, and others, respond to the specific ARRA requirements?


Duane GoossenDuane Goossen
Secretary of the Department of Administration & Director for the Division of the Budget
State of Kansas


Denise MooreDenise Moore
Chief Information Technology Officer
State of Kansas


Dan RossDan Ross
Briding Gaps LLC and former Chief Information Officer
State of Missouri


John McCumberJohn McCumber
Strategic Programs Manager


Mark StencelMark Stencel (moderator)
Editor & Deputy Publisher