Greening Government: Best Practices for a More Sustainable Community

March 3, 11-12PM PST

Event Description

Increasing sustainability and going green are hardly new topics in communities across America. But what strategies have states, cities and counties found most effective in increasing an awareness about sustainability and putting a greener future at the forefront for decision-makers?

Join GOVERNING on Wednesday, March 3 at 2pm ET for a one-hour online forum event that spotlights the strategies government leaders are using to make their communities more sustainable. 

This in-depth discussion will focus on:

  • How will sustainability help government organizations and their constituents?
  • What are some of the proven best practices for achieving your sustainability goals?
  • How does IT help governments attain their sustainability goals?



John ColemanJohn Coleman
Sustainability Director
Fayetteville, Arkansas


Joe PeltonJoe Pelton
Arlington County, Virginia, IT Advisory Commission


Blake HarrisBlake Harris
Contributing Writer


Sherry AmosSherry Amos
Executive Director, Public Services Industry Strategy
SAP Public Services


Tod NewcombeTod Newcombe (moderator)





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