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Fiscal Crisis: Smart Moves in Challenging Times

January 27
Duration: 1 hour

Event Description

Join us as we explore Smart Moves in Challenging Times. Hear from the GOVERNING editorial team, as well as experts from leading state and local government organizations, who will share insights on the current economic crisis and its impact on budget formulation and revenue forecasting. Find out how this crisis is playing out across multiple levels of government and how each is responding. In addition, learn what states and localities are currently doing to help provide stability during this challenging time.

Areas of focus include:

  • Top budgetary and forecasting challenges
  • Compromises and opportunities
  • Smart tactics and best practices
  • How the Feds will play


Jacqueline ByersJacqueline Byers
Director of Research
National Association of Counties (NACo)


Chris HoeneChris Hoene
Director, Policy & Research
National League of Cities (NLC)


Penny LemovPenelope Lemov
Senior Editor


Scott PattisonScott D. Pattison
Executive Director
National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO)


Mark StencelMark Stencel (moderator)
Editor & Deputy Publisher