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  • Streamline Budgeting: Break Free from Outdated Processes
  • Budgeting in the Public Sector can be described as complex, complicated and all budget drafting documents are politically driven. There has been a need for a simpler solution to budgeting in the public sector for some time. Are there viable solutions in the marketplace already? This webinar will answer that and more.

  • Replacing Paper Tax Refunds with Debit Cards
  • For the 2012 tax season, many Americans who were owed refunds didn’t receive a familiar check in the mail. They got a prepaid debit card instead. At least six states issued their tax refunds on debit cards, in a move they say will save money for both the refund recipients and the government.

  • Applying Smart Technology to Municipalities….and Beyond!
  • In today’s world, city leaders look at their municipalities in terms of both the big picture and the individual citizens that comprise it. Cities across the country spend a significant amount of time auditing businesses for correct licenses, permits and paperwork. What if this process could be automated to streamline, harmonize and improve citizen services?

  • ERP That Works: Breaking News and Survey Insights on ERP Modernization
  • The Center for Digital Government has just completed a comprehensive national survey on ERP modernization in government, and the results just might surprise you. At all levels of government and in all regions of the country, CIOs are making the move to better solutions for finance, accounting, human resources, and much more. Thanks to the input of your public sector colleagues, we can now provide a 360-degree view of the state of the art in public sector ERP.

  • Health and Human Services: America’s Critical Caseload
  • HHS is big, complex, expensive and very often a lifeline for families at risk in communities across America. It is under pressure as state and local governments struggle under constrained budgets and increasing demand for services during what is, to date, an anemic economic recovery. It is also under unprecedented scrutiny with looming federal deadlines in 2014, a recent Supreme Court decision and its use as a campaign issue during this year's election cycle.

  • Social Services: Breaking Through the Gridlock
  • Anyone involved in delivering social services and benefits in today's environment faces greater challenges than ever before. You are fraught with massive case overload, accommodating new compliance regulations, expanding day to day programs, and growing populations. And, if this is not challenging enough, Program Integrity is under attack with a significant increase in persons who are abusing or defrauding the system. In essence, you have to do significantly more, with less while many are trying to take what you have.

  • Maximize Your Revenue Potential
  • The recession’s impact on state and local government remains challenging, but governments are seizing the opportunity to aggressively explore new ways to maximize revenue collection. GOVERNING’s 2012 State and Local Government Debt Collections Survey examines how governments across the nation are looking to their delinquent debt collection programs to increase revenue.

  • Recruiting And Retaining Young Talent
  • The public sector is a great place to work even though it can’t always compete with the pay and benefits offered in the private sector. But how are state and local governments getting this message across to those who could be the next generation of great government employees? And once this talent is on board, how are they being kept motivated and interested in public service?

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