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  • October 1st has come and gone. Now what?
  • Many of you have been pushing hard to get the changes you needed to be Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant completed by the October 1st deadline. Now that we are here, many health and human services leaders are asking, “Now what?"

  • Putting Crooks on Notice: How you can fight Identity Fraud
  • Fraud is on the rise. There is evidence that fraud has permeated virtually every government-based benefit program at the state, local and federal level. The federal government estimates that three to five percent of public assistance dollars are lost each year to fraud, and tax related identity fraud has grown 650% since 2008.

  • Crime Doesn't Pay... But Criminals Do: How a Holistic View of Government Claims Help Your Jurisdiction
  • Organizations that manage claims processes for government benefits including medical assistance, disaster relief, workers compensation, crime victim compensation, and rebate programs often face challenges keeping the process running efficiently. The volume of incoming documents like applications and supporting documentation can take time to process. Often this process is manual and can lead to missed deadlines and forgotten tasks which ultimately can lead to slow or missed payments.

  • FutureStructure: Infrastructure Innovation for a Sustainable Future
  • Please join us for an exciting opportunity to be a part of a new GOVERNING initiative, FutureStructure, launched in 2013. FutureStructure brings state and local leaders together with private and nonprofit-sector innovators to build smarter, more livable and economically vibrant communities.

  • How Will You Face Budgeting Challenges Head On?
  • With the demand for transparency and the need to optimize resources, today’s public sector is searching for a new approach to budgeting that goes far beyond spreadsheets and software. Increasing demands placed on diminishing resources is the new normal, and public sector budgeters must find a way to do more with less.

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