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  • Managing a Shrinking Public Workforce
  • Layoffs, unfilled positions and furloughs are among the most difficult management challenges for government leaders. Fear and worry among employees make maintaining morale, increasing productivity and attracting talent much more complicated. Frank, open communication with staff is both more critical and more perilous, even for managers who have led the way through hard times in the past. Join GOVERNING and senior executives in state and local government as they share experiences and best practices for top management tactics that work.

  • Maximizing Web 2.0 Technology for Increased Citizen Engagement
  • Government agencies are not dipping their toe into the Web 2.0 pool. Instead, they have decided that this is the future, and they are jumping in. Blogs are popping up everywhere. Twitter and YouTube have become official channels. Buzzwords like engagement, transparency, participation, and collaboration dominate President Obama's Open Government Initiative and public discussions. Unfortunately, government efforts are not getting the value they could from their Web 2.0. technology investments. This could result from the lack of a solid engagement base or the lack of knowledge about technology pros and cons -- or how to map it to their strategic vision.

  • Discover and Collect What Taxes Are Owed
  • At a time when economic situations are rapidly changing, governments are searching for new and better ways to streamline revenue recovery efforts that will result in increased collections. Through automation, new technologies and improved business processes, tax and revenue agencies are able to accurately locate hard-to-find debtors in less time, refine their collection processes and ultimately achieve better results.

  • Open Books: Transparency, Accountability and the Economic Stimulus Package
  • The federal money states and localities are receiving as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act comes with new requirements for keeping track of every dollar spent, every contract signed and every job produced. Recipients also are responsible for making sure that information is available to federal overseers and the public. Hear from a panel of experts as they share insights and discuss anticipated challenges associated with managing the money that will flow in from a variety of federal sources and through a host of state and local agencies, many of which do not currently track spending in ways that are necessarily compatible or easily shared.

  • Does Going Green Compute?
  • The push for green IT has many constituencies, but what does it really take to implement? Join GOVERNING as state and local IT leaders and other industry experts discuss the challenges and rewards of going green. Our panel will share real-world examples that will help answer these questions and more: What are the essentials for implementing green IT?

  • Intake: Streamlining Social and Health Services Enrollment
  • Join GOVERNING as we chat with senior executives from state and local government—and private sector partners—to gain insights into ways in which states are streamlining social and health services enrollment. This in-depth, online forum probes a host of issues and hot topics.

  • Fiscal Crisis: Smart Moves in Challenging Times
  • Join us as we explore Smart Moves in Challenging Times. Hear from the GOVERNING editorial team, as well as experts from leading state and local government organizations, who will share insights on the current economic crisis and its impact on budget formulation and revenue forecasting. Find out how this crisis is playing out across multiple levels of government and how each is responding. In addition, learn what states and localities are currently doing to help provide stability during this challenging time.

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