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Looking Toward the Future and Listening for New Voices in Shaping Policy in Seattle

The City of Seattle | March 18, 2015

This summary is a part of Seattle's application to a City Accelerator cohort on engagement. Your feedback on the videos will inform final selection of the cities. Give the videos a star rating and leave comments below!

What is Seattle proposing?

The city of Seattle is focused on creating an inclusive, scalable and adaptive path for growth through more effective public engagement. Seattle is looking to engage its residents in updating its 20-year growth plan, anticipating 120,000 new residents and 115,000 new jobs in the next 20 years. The city also wants to keep people engaged as they go from planning to implementation. The City Accelerator would help Seattle design and implement its approach and structures that would sustain it over time.


Public response is one of several criteria being used by the City Accelerator to select cohort cities. The number of ratings or comments by themselves do not determine final status or selection.


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