Stephen Lisauskas is Senior Fellow on Urban Revitalization at the Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research. His work focuses on helping cities and towns reduce costs, develop performance management and improvement systems and improve financial management and operational efficiency.

Lisauskas served for two years as Executive Director of the Springfield Finance Control Board and one year as its Deputy Executive Director. In these roles, he oversaw the finances and day-to-day administration of a city with 7,000 employees, a $643 million operating budget and $260 million in ongoing capital investment. Prior to the establishment of the Springfield Finance Control Board, Springfield had experienced eighteen consecutive years of deficits; under State control, the City’s budget was balanced for five straight years, generating in excess of $50 million in surpluses. Also, a variety of innovative programs were implemented including the Springfield Promise Program, CitiStat, 311, Productivity Bank and others. Lisauskas holds a Master Degree of Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, also from Syracuse University.

July 25, 2011

Municipal Outsourcing: Do's and Don'ts

Contracting out is not an all-purpose solution, but, done right, it can help deliver better services for less money.