Mick Ukleja is a GOVERNING contributor. He is the founder and president of Leadershiptraq, a leadership-consulting firm based in California and hosts Leadershiptraq Televised, an interview show that profiles outstanding leaders. Dr. Ukleja helped found the Ukleja Center For Ethical Leadership at California State University, Long Beach. He is the author of the book "Who Are You And What Do You Want? A Journey for the Best of Your Life," and co-author of "The Ethics Challenge: Strengthening Your Integrity in a Greedy World" with Bob Stone. He is a principal in Bonita Bay Group, one of the largest developers of master-planned communities in Southwest Florida.

Mick Ukleja
November 12, 2008

Readiness to Do Right

When it comes to ethics, we all know what we should do. So why don't we?