They’ve been playing baseball at the intersection of Michigan and Trumbull avenues in Detroit since 1896. The Corner, as it’s known, is synonymous with the game in the Motor City. Tiger Stadium opened on the spot in 1912, was abandoned after an 87-year run and unceremoniously razed in 2009.

While the Detroit Tigers got a brand-new ballpark downtown, the old field and base paths were overtaken by weeds and litter. Occasionally, it was cleaned up for kids’ games and neighborhood events. The old field was even a dog park for a bit.

But since March, baseball is back at The Corner.

The Detroit Police Athletic League recently opened a $21 million headquarters there and refurbished the field. It’s aptly named “The Corner Ballpark.” The grass was ditched in favor of turf and the stands now seat 2,500 instead of the old park’s 45,000.