February 2014 Last Look: Sun Spot

This 20-foot sculpture is made from 90,000 stainless steel pet tags.
by | February 2014
Benjamin Rasmussen

Day or night, it’s hard to miss “Sun Spot.” The 20-foot sculpture, made from 90,000 stainless steel pet tags, watches over the LEED-certified municipal animal shelter northwest of downtown Denver. During the day, the tags move in the breeze and catch the sun, and at night colored LED lighting causes the surface of the sculpture to twinkle. Commissioned by the Denver Public Art Program, local artists Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan formed the giant pooch’s frame out of wire mesh. Sun Spot is an amalgam of many different breeds, in effect becoming “every dog.” Installed in May 2011, the friendly silver giant is now a familiar sight, visible from the South Platte River biking trail and Interstate 25.