Elon Musk Begins Work on Hyperloop Tunnel from Baltimore to Washington

October 20, 2017 AT 12:13 PM

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) -- taking a cue from the big splash, low information PR strategy of Elon Musk -- tweeted Thursday that Musk’s Boring Company is going to build a Hyperloop tunnel from Baltimore to Washington.

“So, get ready,” Hogan said in a rough video after adjusting his shades.
Hogan said in another tweet that his administration is proud “to support The Boring Company to bring rapid electric transportation to MD -- connecting Baltimore City to D.C.”
The first of the digging will take place in Maryland, a Hogan aide said.
Musk, the electric car pioneer and budding tunnel builder, said this summer that he had “verbal govt approval” to build one of his super-high-speed pod-and-tube transportation systems, known as a Hyperloop, that could make the trip from New York to Washington in 29 minutes. The system would work by shooting pods in vacuum-sealed tubes at high speeds. Musk also announced this summer that he had completed the first segment of his first tunnel, in Los Angeles.
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