New Jersey Shows How Nuclear and Renewable Energy Can Work Together

April 24, 2018 AT 10:04 AM

US climate hawks have not had much to celebrate lately, with the Trump administration lurching backward and states finding it more difficult than expected to move forward on their own.

But last week brought reason for celebration, as New Jersey, unified under Democratic rule after the 2017 gubernatorial election, passed a suite of legislation that vaulted it into the ranks of top US climate leaders, alongside California and New York.

In laying out a clean-energy future, New Jersey had to wrestle with what is becoming a familiar dilemma: Most of its current clean energy is provided by nuclear power, but markets and public opinion are swinging toward renewable energy. The way the state navigated that dilemma — showing, as New York has, that nuclear and renewables can work together — sends an important signal to other states facing the same circumstances.

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