Despite State Ban, Kansas Drivers' Personal Info May Be Stored Overseas

December 17, 2018 AT 9:30 AM

By Jonathan Shorman

Kansas drivers who renew their licenses, registration or K-TAGs online are giving permission for their personal information to be stored outside the United States, even though Kansas forbids the practice.

The state contractor that powers the online renewals says all data is stored in the United States, despite a page on its website that says the company can store personal information in foreign countries.

Where data is stored is important because it helps determine who can access it. Digital law and privacy experts say storing data outside the United States increases the chances that other countries will access the data, either through their intelligence channels or by coercing companies into handing it over.

The Kansas City-based company PayIt powers the online apps that allow Kansas drivers to update their state-issued documents online. The company’s terms and conditions are clear that by using their services, drivers give the company permission to store their personal data in other countries.

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