Amid Jeffrey Epstein Scandal, Accuser Names Former New Mexico Governor

August 12, 2019 AT 8:43 AM


A billionaire with ties to New Mexico faces charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy. Now documents connected to one of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates that were previously sealed have been released.

It was a civil defamation case that has now been settled. It involved a woman who said she was recruited into sex trafficking and brought to Epstein’s home.

In court documents that were unsealed on Friday, the woman alleges she was working at Mar-A-Lago and was recruited by Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell. The documents reveal depositions from 2016 that were taken under oath and entered as evidence in the defamation case.

The suit claims she became a sex slave when she was 17-years-old.

She claimed she was directed by Epstein and Maxwell to have sex with friends of Epstein. In the deposition she says names former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson as one of the men she was directed to have sex with.

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