By Nolan Clay

A state House candidate admitted Friday a lengthy quote in a campaign mailer attributed to former Gov. Brad Henry is false.

"I will admit that I made a mistake," LaVelle Compton said.

Compton, an Oklahoma City Democrat, is running against state Rep. Jon Echols, the House majority floor leader.

The mailer sent to 4,000 voters includes a genuine photo of Henry and Compton together. Next to the photo is a made-up Henry quote describing Compton as "an exceptional young man who will be an asset to our Legislature."

Compton said his former campaign team put together the quote after a dinner with Henry but never went back to get permission to use it in the campaign.

"I should have also made sure that was fully vetted, and I did not, and that's where my mistake lies," Compton said.

He said he apologized Friday to Henry and to his supporters. On Facebook, he told supporters, "The last thing that I would ever do is intentionally misrepresent myself or lie to the public to add fuel to the political fire."

Echols discovered the falsity, contacting Henry, a friend, after seeing the mailer. Henry, a Democrat, told him, "I did not author or authorize the quote that was attributed to me, and I have not formally endorsed in the House District 90 race."

Echols, R-Oklahoma City, called the made-up endorsement extremely disturbing.

"This type of behavior should not be tolerated in our political system," Echols said.

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