Taking some questionable cues from "Schoolhouse Rock," members of the Utah House of Representatives released a video on Wednesday explaining how a law is made, as they put it, “with a surprise twist.”

Rapping along to their own version of the theme song from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” the reps outline the steps a bill has to go through, from introduction to signature, to become law.

The video mostly speaks for itself, but in case you’d rather dissect the rapping in text form, here are a few choice lines: “In a legislator’s mind an idea is raised / In the lawbook is where they spend most of their days / Draftin’ out, maxin’ out, hardly relaxin’ all cool / And all introducing bills inside of House chambers.”

I’m not sure that last one qualifies as a slant rhyme.

Some other notable moments: Legislators in suits and ties with backward hats on their heads, some strange and jerky hand movements approximating dance moves and a few hilariously deadpan deliveries. Twitter had strong opinions.