ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An Anchorage official says an "unprecedented number of voters" turned out for a municipal election and multiple precincts ran out of ballots.

City Clerk Barbara Gruenstein told the Anchorage Daily News that election workers rushed to get more ballots to the affected polling spots on Tuesday.

The newspaper spoke to several voters in sites that ran out of ballots. Voter Wesley Loy says he was given an oddly shaped ballot that didn't fit in the designated envelope. Voter Dave Lockwood told the newspaper additional ballots did finally show up at his polling spot where about 60 people were waiting to vote shortly before the official poll closing time of 8 p.m. Loy says he was told that those already inside the polling place would be allowed to vote.

Voters were electing a mayor and deciding the fate of a ballot initiative seeking equal legal protection for gay and transgender residents.

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