Wyoming Lawmakers Vote to Weaken Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

December 10, 2018 AT 9:10 AM

By Bob Beck

The Wyoming Legislature's Management Council has voted to change and weaken its anti-discrimination and harassment policy.

The policy was adopted by the council during the past legislative session and was intended to provide protections to a number of groups and clarify that harassment and discrimination of those groups was against legislative policy.

But some conservative legislators and organizations were upset that people were also protected based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Thermopolis Representative Nathan Winters said the policy went too far and infringed on free speech. Winters said the idea is not to be intolerant, but people should have the right to express their views on things they don't agree with.

"Disagreement sure, but intolerance no," said Winters. "We all need to advocate for a society in which disagreement with civility and love is a natural part of civil discourse."

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