With Obama's Help, Redistricting Group Targets State Legislative Races

July 12, 2018 AT 10:40 AM

Barack Obama says all the voter registration drives and first-time candidates running for office this year are “inspiring” — but that in the existential battle for America he’s been warning about, it's not enough.

“That’s all vital to protecting this democracy of ours,” Obama says in a new video being released by the National Democratic Redistricting Committee on Wednesday. “So is something else — and that’s rethinking the way we draw our congressional districts.”

The NDRC has zeroed in on a list of state legislature races for November, identifying specific targets in each priority state for the first stage of its attempted gerrymandering revolution ahead of the 2020 census. The goal, aides to the group are telling prospective donors, is to put as many as 29 House seats in 12 states within reach for Democrats.

The NDRC is preparing to do fundraising and organize campaign visits, including by Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder, who is leading the group. The group is convening allies on the ground and orchestrating digital get-out-the-vote efforts through voter contact and turnout. It will also be redirecting some of its own money into existing organizations in the states.

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