These States Were Hit by Voting Problems on Election Day

November 8, 2018 AT 10:45 AM

By Courtney Norris, Nsikan Akpan and Joshua Barajas

Amid record-breaking numbers in early voting this midterm season, there have been some irregularities reported at polling stations in several states on Election Day.

There have been reported voting problems in Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania and Arizona, among other states, in an election year when several races have been shadowed by concerns over voter suppression and election security.

In calls with reporters today, the Department of Homeland Security said they have seen little to no hacking attempts during Tuesday’s elections, though they noted a few isolated issues with voting systems. Voting machine vendors, working with the Federal Election Commission, said the issues with voting machines reported so far are among those typically seen on Election Day. DHS officials said there appeared to be no malicious activity behind the technological issues.

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