No-Name Politicians Eager to Run Against Trump in 2020

January 2, 2018 AT 10:25 AM

John Delaney is a three-term congressman, stuck low on the seniority totem pole, representing a state packed with other Democrats, deep in a powerless minority.

And he thinks he should be president of the United States.

The 55-year-old former finance executive is part of a rapidly proliferating group of declared or potential 2020 candidates driven largely by one overriding principle: If Donald Trump can do it, why not me?

The usual early trickle of potential presidential candidates into Iowa and New Hampshire is already a full-on flood ahead of Trump’s reelection bid. And in the place of the traditional assortment of senators and governors is an ever-expanding hodgepodge of long shots — from mayors to House members to state-level bureaucrats — each absolutely convinced they hold the key to kicking the president to the curb come 2020.

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