NAACP Alleges Some Votes for Stacey Abrams Incorrectly Registered for Kemp Instead

October 25, 2018 AT 10:10 AM

By Deborah Barfield Berry

The Georgia NAACP filed complaints Tuesday with state election officials alleging that some voting machines mistakenly showed votes cast for Democrat Stacey Abrams registering for her opponent Republican Brian Kemp.

The state conference of the NAACP filed the complaints electronically with the Georgia Secretary of State Office saying some voting machines in two counties, including Bartow and Dodge, didn’t initially register the correct votes.

"We’ve experienced this before," said Phyllis Blake, president of the Georgia NAACP. “They ended up taking these old dilapidated machines out of service. The ones giving the problems. They should have been replaced about 10 years ago."

The complaints were shared first with USA TODAY.

Blake said she plans to file two more complaints late Tuesday involving similar complaints in Henry and Cobb counties. The complaints are on behalf of eight voters. Blake said she plans to follow up with county election officials Wednesday.

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