In Rare Move, Missouri Governor Will Give Power to No. 2 While on Vacation

June 14, 2019 AT 7:24 AM

By Kurt Erickson

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is taking steps to temporarily hand over power to the state’s No. 2 officeholder later this month when he travels to Europe for a trade mission and a vacation.

Under a plan that is still taking shape, the Post-Dispatch has learned Parson is planning to cede his gubernatorial powers to fellow Republican Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe during the vacation portion of his overseas trip from June 23 to July 2.

The maneuver will allow Kehoe to sign legislation on Parson’s behalf, including a proposal that will transfer oversight of the Missouri Arts Council from the Department of Economic Development to the lieutenant governor’s office.

He also will have the ability to create a task force on food and beverage manufacturing in Missouri and appoint members to a Route 66 centennial commission.

As acting governor, Kehoe won't have the ability to pardon prisoners, commute sentences or many of the other powers given to the chief executive, administration officials said.

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