Harassment Allegations Spur Resignation Calls From Indiana AG's Party

July 9, 2018 AT 9:15 AM

It's Curtis Hill against the world.

The rising star in the Republican Party, who recently shared a stage with President Trump in Hill's hometown of Elkhart, now finds himself in open warfare with the leaders of his own party over allegations he inappropriately touched four women, including a state lawmaker.

In a state dominated by the GOP, the confrontation between Hill and his party threatens to sow chaos.

It also stands as the first test of the national #MeToo movement that has now crashed into the halls of the Indiana Statehouse and drawn scrutiny upon the response by lawmakers.

After a week of dramatic turns — the leaking of a confidential memo, Gov. Eric Holcomb's much-awaited return to Indianapolis, a Republican chorus calling for a resignation, Hill's repeated denials and refusals to resign and two women publicly stepping forward — the number of unanswered questions grew into a heap.

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