GOP Candidate for Florida Governor to Name Cuban-American Woman as Running Mate

September 6, 2018 AT 9:30 AM

By Marc Caputo

Miami state Rep. Jeanette Nuñez is to be named Republican Ron DeSantis’ running mate Thursday, the first time a Cuban-American woman has been chosen as a lieutenant governor candidate in Florida, sources familiar with the decision tell POLITICO.

Nuñez, a Miami native who has served for eight years in the Florida House, would not comment about her joining the ticket nor would a campaign spokesman for DeSantis, who plans to make a campaign stop Thursday in the heart of the Cuban-American community in Miami’s Little Havana.

Nuñez initially did not want the hassle of running statewide, nor of being vetted for the post of lieutenant governor, but she decided to give it a second look at the urging of one of her closest political allies, Sen. Marco Rubio, in the wake of Democrat Andrew Gillum’s surprising win in his gubernatorial race Aug. 28, according to one knowledgeable source.

“She wasn’t keen on doing it at first. But the Gillum win was enough for her to revisit that — what’s at stake for the state,” the source said. “Marco called her and made a push. They’ve been friends for years and he said it was hugely important for her to get on the ticket.”

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