Candidates' AG Experience Emerges as Key Issue in Ohio Governor's Race

August 20, 2018 AT 8:20 AM

By Randy Ludlow 

Richard Cordray and Mike DeWine have done this before.

Eight years ago, they went head-to-head for the attorney general’s office, with the Republican DeWine narrowly ousting the short-term incumbent Democrat Cordray by a 1.3 percentage point margin.

Now, they are squaring off again — this time in a toss-up race for governor — having shared billing as Ohio’s top cop and leading lawyer, although DeWine’s nearly eight-year tenure is four times longer than Cordray’s abbreviated two years.

Each is pleased with his fight for justice for Ohioans. And, of course, each has criticism of the performance of his predecessor and successor.

Here’s a look at what each man considers some of his highlights as attorney general.

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