Some Voter Registration Hurdles Come Down in Arizona

June 7, 2018 AT 9:40 AM

The state’s top election official has agreed to remove a series of hurdles now in the path of those who want to register to vote.

In a consent degree published Monday, Secretary of State Michele Reagan has agreed to:

– Not demand proof of citizenship to register for federal, state and local elections if people already have provided such proof to the Motor Vehicle Division;

– Make it easier for people to move from county to county without having to provide new citizenship proof at their new address;

– Accept voter registration forms from those who do not have proof of citizenship to let them at least cast ballots for president and members of Congress.

But the deal, which ends a lawsuit filed last year, still leaves intact laws which say that those who cannot provide citizenship proof are unable to vote in elections to choose statewide, legislative and local officials.

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