Florida Gov. Rick Scott's unofficial official policy of climate denial has taken a turn for the bizarre: A high-level employee in the state Department of Environmental Protection now says he was suspended and told to get a medical evaluation for refusing to purge mentions of climate change from a state record.

Scott—the dumbest politician in the history of politicians, capable of tuning out an entire room of scientists confronting him with fact-type thingies—has come under fire for more than a week after multiple reports from state workers that his administration banned them from mentioning climate change, global warming and sea-level rise, issues that are sort of germane in a state with 1,350 miles of coastline and the lowest elevation above sea level of any state other than Delaware.

Scott, predictably, denies such a policy is in place. But state land management coordinator Barton Bibler—who clearly was trying to test the administration's (rising) waters—has been forced by the state to prove he's not crazy after he refused to scrub mentions of "climate change" from the official minutes of a department meeting where he says climate change was a major topic of discussion.

Here's what happened, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), which has taken up Bibler's case: