D.C. Council Repeals Minimum-Wage Increase Approved by Voters in June

October 18, 2018 AT 10:20 AM

By Kristi King

The D.C. Council has voted to repeal Initiative 77.

The initiative, approved by voters in June, would have raised minimum base pay for tipped workers to standard minimum wage over a period of time.

After a contentious battle that had raged since its introduction, the Council officially killed the referendum in an 8-5 vote.

Earlier this month, the initiative had been overturned in an emergency vote. Critics on the Council had said that the measure’s wording was misleading, and that those who voted for the measure probably didn’t realize they voted to cut the pay of many workers and placed an undue burden on small businesses, resulting in higher prices or layoffs to pay for what would become bigger payrolls.

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