Christie Dedicates Last Year as Governor to Fighting Drug Addiction

January 11, 2017 AT 11:00 AM

Forcefully declaring "our neighbors are dying," Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday used his seventh annual State of the State address to promise he will fight drug addiction during his remaining time in office.

Christie, limping into his last full year in office with an approval ranking him as one of the most unpopular governors in New Jersey's modern history, called on state lawmakers to join him in his push to "fight this fight more aggressively."

The Republican governor added: "Let's work to save lives together and let's start today."

He laid out his plans in a sometimes somber, heartfelt, and passionate address that lasted an hour and 15 minutes, with about an hour of it focused solely on drug addiction.

He started the speech by boasting about economic success and strides the state has taken. But Christie quickly delved in to the "crisis of drug addiction" and announced about a dozen new initiatives.

"I will not have the blood of addicted New Jerseyans on my hands by waiting to act," Christie told a joint session of the state Legislature.

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