A Second State Makes Moves to Protect Obamacare Subsidies

June 5, 2015 AT 10:30 AM

A second state has announced a backup plan in case the Supreme Court rules against ObamaCare this month.

Delaware's top health official said Wednesday that the state would create its own healthcare exchange to preserve the insurance subsidies at stake in the case King v. Burwell.

"I feel moving to a [federally] supported state-based market place is not that heavy of a lift for us," Rita Landgraf, Delaware's director of health and social services, told Talking Points Memo.

Delaware is one of at least 34 states that stand to lose subsidies in the case, which could be decided as early as next Monday. A total of 19,128 people could be affected in Delaware, out of a total 6.3 million people nationwide.

It is the second state — after Pennsylvania earlier this week — to announce intentions to protect subsidies; both have Democratic governors.

Unlike Pennsylvania, Delaware's two legislative chambers are also in Democratic hands, making it more likely that the plan could be put into action.

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