Consumer Scams? Connecticut Now Warns You by Text

August 13, 2018 AT 10:03 AM

By Travis Kellar

Consumers can now be alerted about potential scams through a new text alert system.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Thursday his Bureau of Consumer Protection launched the new text alert system.

The text alerts will be sent at least twice a month, and will give consumers tips to avoid scams, warnings about new scams, or updates on consumer protection issues.

The service is free, but mobile carrier rates may apply.

"It's important for Pennsylvanians to know what schemes are out there so they can avoid getting scammed," Shapiro said. "Our next text alert system provides real-time updates and practical tips to empower Pennsylvanians to protect themselves from these schemes."

You can sign up for the text alert service by visiting its section on the Attorney General's website. Shapiro said information provided by those who sign up will remain private.

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