Federal State of Water Emergency Expires in Flint, Mich.

August 15, 2016 AT 12:30 PM

The federal state of emergency in Flint, Mich. expires today, as the city continues to navigate a public health crisis caused by lead-laced water.

Officials are trying to reassure Flint residents that they will still have access to free bottled water, filters and cartridges, as Michigan Radio reported.

"We have heard from many residents ... that's there's a deep concern that the federal government and state are going to pack up and pull out of Flint after August 14," State Police Captain Chris Kelenske said Wednesday, according to Michigan Radio. "I'm here to tell you that that assumption is completely false. I want to be extremely clear: August 14 is just a date on the calendar."

Since President Obama issued an emergency declaration in January, the federal government has paid for 75% of the costs of the bottled water, filters and cartridges. Now, the state will pick up the entire bill. That's estimated to cost about $3.5 million every month, as Michigan Radio reported.

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