They questioned each other’s business experience and acumen, tossed in some jabs about politicking and pandering, but the men who would be New Hampshire’s next governor were united during a Halloween debate in their appreciation of “The Walking Dead.”

The popular cable TV series about zombies was one of several things that Democratic District 2 Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern and Republican District 3 Executive Councilor Chris Sununu did agree on during a debate at the North Conway Grand Hotel that was sponsored by the Mount Washington Valley Economic Council.

Early in the nearly 90-minute debate, Sununu and Van Ostern spoke over each other, prompting forum moderator George Epstein — who is town moderator in nearby Madison — to let the gubernatorial candidates know in a humorous way that they were outclassed.

Compared to a Madison Town Meeting, “You guys are a piece of cake,” Epstein told the candidates.

Sununu said running for governor is the equivalent of presenting a job application. Voters, said Sununu, can see that for the past 15 years he has worked as an environmental engineer as well as for his family’s company, which owns the Waterville Valley Resort.

Van Ostern — who has called into question Sununu’s business acumen — spent a decade as a “political operative,” Sununu said.