UAB will reinstate its football program, sources told

UAB school president Ray Watts is expected to make the announcement official at a 4 p.m. news conference. After's report, Watts confirmed the news to the Associated Press.

UAB supporters told "it's a miracle" and the decision was "very positive for UAB and this community."

The decision is a stunning reversal after Watts announced the dismissal of the sport a mere six months ago. Last December, UAB became the first Division I, Football Bowl Series (FBS) school to drop football in nearly two decades. Watts stated it wasn't financially feasible to support the football program, citing the CarrSports Consulting report. The CarrSports report said the program needed to invest $49 million over five years to maintain a competitive football program.

That decision was met with school protests and cries for "Free UAB." Supporters rallied around the idea of returning the program and demanded more transparency regarding the process behind the decision.