Tuition Waiver Granted to Foster Youth in Nevada

September 10, 2018 AT 9:30 AM

By Natalie Bruzda

Madison Sandoval-Lunn cycled through seven homes before aging out of Nevada’s foster care system.

She graduated from UNLV in 2014, but told the state Board of Regents on Thursday that it was “no easy task,” having endured bouts of both homelessness and hunger throughout her journey.

The board on Thursday unanimously approved a tuition waiver for the state’s foster youth that could help students like Sandoval-Lunn earn a college certificate or degree.

“Today, we have a chance to give kids hope,” said state Sen. Yvanna Cancela, D-Las Vegas, who helped bring the idea to the Nevada System of Higher Education, along with her Big Brother Big Sister mentee, Alexis, a foster youth. “So many times the work we do in government isn’t tangible. We can truly make a difference in the lives of youth who are counting on us to make a difference.”

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