COVID Response: Keeping Citizens Informed with IBM Watson Assistant

Whether providing answers for COVID-19 questions or preparing your organization to be resilient in the face of new conditions surrounding any emergency - people are always going to have questions and answers need to readily available and accessible for all.

Hear leading IBM experts share their experiences with clients and how we can work together to fight the virus, keep constituents informed and adapt to new circumstances.

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IBM Watson Assistant for Citizens

To help agencies address situations, IBM has specifically designed a virtual assistant, Watson Assistant for Citizens, that is pre-loaded to understand and respond to common questions about COVID-19 directly leveraging CDC guidance. Additionally, agencies can customize unique intents leveraging other important information--via voice calls and digital text channels--to quickly help citizens get answers and stay informed.

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Creating the Ultimate Government Experience

Design thinking methodologies play a vital role in helping government deliver valuable services and become more responsive to citizens. As technological change and citizen expectations continue to evolve in the years ahead, the user-centric approach to creative problem solving will become even more important. Austin, Georgia and New York are already demonstrating how and why.

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The Evolving Role of Today's Government CIO

"It's an exciting time to be a CIO, but also one of the scariest and most challenging," says Teri Takai, Executive Director of the Center for Digital Government. Download this Q and A to hear Takai and Sreeram Visvanathan, Global Managing Directing of Government Healthcare & Life Sciences at IBM, discuss the soft skills government leaders need to thrive, how they can best manage and secure multi-cloud environments, and what new technologies like artificial intelligence mean for the future of government work.

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The Future of Public Safety

Law enforcement leaders operate in a high-stakes environment, but many public safety departments rely on outmoded and outdated information management processes that limit their ability to respond efficiently and effectively to criminal activity. This paper discusses how the cloud, data and analytics and cognitive systems will continue to transform how public safety departments help keep people safe.

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Delivering on Digital Government: Achieving the Promise of Artificial Intelligence

In August 2019, the Center for Digital Government, in partnership with the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) and with support from IBM, interviewed 45 state technology leaders to identify current trends and attitudes around artificial intelligence and machine learning. This report offers details about the technology, talent, policy and organization challenges around AI, and what states are doing to overcome them and reap rewards.

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Taking the Right Path(s) to Modernization

As agencies transition to the cloud, their unique business requirements, data, systems, development culture, security requirements and more will shape their journeys. Read about how two agencies – the U.S. Army’s Logistics Data Analysis Center and the National Archives and Records Administration – took different approaches to upgrade their mission-critical applications and improve their services.

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