Government works.

In the current political climate, that’s a statement that can come off as bold, or even radical or controversial. Hyperpartisanship has put a chokehold on Washington, and on some state capitols and city halls. It often seems impossible to get anything done at all.

But the best public servants know that isn’t true. They know the power of the public sector to innovate, to find a way forward, to make real improvements in the lives of all Americans.

They know that government can, in fact, get it done.

Each year, Governing honors outstanding public officials who have made an indelible impact on the lives of the people they serve. This year’s nine honorees are outstanding examples of the strong determination, the bold ideas and the incredible amount of grit it takes to get things done in government.

Government can work. And thanks to the leadership of these nine remarkable public leaders, government can work wonders.