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What Makes the Boomers the Boomers?

BY Neil Howe

The baby boom generation is about to retire, and it has vastly different wants, needs, likes and dislikes than the generations before them.


Infrastructure & Environment

How Will Boomers Reshape U.S. Cities?

The wave of boomer retirees will transform the way cities look, from the way they grow and sprawl to minutiae such as curb heights and the fonts on street signs. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

Transportation Agencies Turn to Mobility Management

The strategy involves partnering with other agencies and nonprofits to improve convenience for individual riders, especially seniors, and achieve cost savings at the same time. BY
Health & Human Services

Playgrounds for Seniors Popping Up in U.S.

The parks, which feature low-impact exercise equipment designed for adults, started abroad and are just now taking off in the United States. BY
Politics & Elections

Baby Boomers’ Impact on Elections

They hold tremendous influence -- more than half the voting-age population is now over 45 -- but baby boomers and their role at the polls are a bit hard to pin down. BY
Health & Human Services

Immigrant-Friendly Cities Want What Arizona Doesn’t

In contrast to some states’ anti-immigration policies, a few cities are actively trying to attract immigrants to boost their own economies. BY

Are Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports Useless?

For all their charts and graphs, CAFRs don’t tell public officials -- or the public -- anything about fiscal sustainability or whether a locality’s finances might be trending south. BY


Politics & Elections

Did Wisconsin End the Recall Wave?

Recalls have been on the rise. But after Gov. Scott Walker survived his election, two other high-profile recall attempts failed in Michigan and California. BY

Cloud Computing Taxes Up in the Air in States

A dozen states are debating whether they should and how they could tax cloud computing services. BY

Paul Ryan VP Nomination Ignites Medicaid Questions

Mitt Romney's running mate wants to make Medicaid a block grant. How could this controversial proposal affect states? BY

New York Apartments Go Micro

The city is looking to develop apartments the size of a couple parking spaces to accommodate its 1.8 million one- and two-person households. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

Transportation Plan? Atlanta Voters Say No Thanks

Voters in the Atlanta region rejected a ballot measure to raise sales taxes by a penny to fund some $6 billion in transportation projects. BY

Rethinking the Parking Lot

Everything we know about the automobile is under scrutiny, and so is everything we know about the parking lot. Should they be made of concrete or grass? Is their greatest purpose to generate revenue, store cars or act as a public space for people? BY
Washington Watch

Washington, D.C.’s Other 1-Percent Problem

The nation’s capital is more about what you own these days than what you do. BY
Governing: State and local government news and analysis

New Clean Water Regulations Leave Localities Skeptical

The EPA released a new framework that it says will offer cities more flexibility and maybe more savings as they try to stop sewer runoff into lakes and rivers. BY
Health & Human Services

Michigan Fights Obesity with a 4x4

The state is encouraging residents to abide by four healthy behaviors and monitor four health measures. Now all it has to do is convince people to follow the plan. BY

San Francisco Tests a Streetlight That Thinks for Itself

The city is hoping that remotely controlled lights connected to mini-grids can cut maintenance and energy costs as well as CO2 emissions. BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

University Business Parks Model North Carolina State’s Centennial Campus

The campus throws academics, nonprofits and businesses together to facilitate the constant and intense interaction required to bring research breakthroughs to market. BY
Urban Notebook

Tree Population Falling in Cities

Despite their aesthetic, economic and safety benefits, trees are disappearing from city sidewalks. Why? BY


Health & Human Services

Treating Drug Abuse to Reunite Families

Drug abuse is a common problem in child neglect cases. An Arizona program treats parents who risk losing their kids. BY
Smart Management

Sick Leave Causes Headaches for Governments

Governments are struggling with how to properly manage sick leave to prevent employees from abusing it. BY
Idea Center

Georgia to Deploy Robots to Repair Highways

The new technology will improve worker safety, cut down on repair time and save money. BY
Idea Center

Arizona Pays Employees for Money-Saving Suggestions

Public workers can submit their cost-cutting ideas to the state and receive 10 percent of the savings, if implemented. BY
Tech Talk

Cyber Security Act’s Failure Leaves Infrastructure Vulnerable

Some worry terrorists could shut down the economy with the click of a mouse. BY
Public Money

What We Need Our Auditors to Do

It’s more crucial than ever to know whether government programs are effective. BY


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