Cover Story

Nevada Shines Light Onto America's Future

BY Alan Greenblatt

Rocked by heavy immigration and demographic change, Nevada must retool its government to cope with the new reality. It’s a sign of things to come in the rest of the country.



The Changing Relationship Between Ex-Criminals and Their Parole Officers

Rather than acting as former offenders' enemies, parole and probation officers are now working to be their mentors. Can it reduce recidivism? BY

Parting Wisdom From 5 Outgoing Mayors

Most of them have been in office for decades. Here's what they've learned about government. BY

Roads Are Getting a Redesign

The ‘complete streets’ movement is reshaping urban boulevards, small-town main streets and even rural highways. But there are still plenty of bumps in the road. BY

As Retirees Outnumber Employees, Pensions Seek Saviors

Desperate for more money, public pension systems have been making high-risk investments hoping for a higher profit. But they may ultimately cost taxpayers more. BY



Do Mayors Still Care About Income Inequality?

It was a major issue in recent mayoral races. This year, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is one of the few candidates talking about it. BY

Will Urban Innovation Teams Outlast Political Change?

They have become a staple in several cities. Whether they stay around is up to new mayors in charge. BY

Climate Change Fight Gets Cash From the Right

One conservative billionaire wants to convince his fellow Republicans to believe in climate change. Can his money make a difference? BY

Hawaii Raises Smoking Age to 21

Hawaii recently became the first state to raise the legal age for buying cigarettes to 21. BY


Why It's Important to Know Lawmakers' Day Jobs

Whether states are governed by a coalition of farmers and teachers or an alliance of corporate executives and insurance brokers matters. BY

When It Comes to Wildfires, Collaboration Causes Confusion

The strategy that's improved the management of fires has, paradoxically, made it harder to know who’s really in charge of putting them out. BY

How the Never-Ending Battle of Redistricting Will Impact 2016

Florida and Virginia (and possibly two other states) have to redraw their unconstitutional voting maps for the 2016 election. Similar legal challenges are only likely to increase in coming years. BY

Recipe for a Successful Wellness Program

Studies are mixed on the effectiveness of incentivizing employees to get healthier. But one county is chalking up some big savings. BY

How a Town of Renters Got So Many People to Go Solar

Dozens of U.S. communities have launched similar programs, but Blacksburg, Va.'s is different. BY

Of Eyesores and Assets

The way a mid-sized city in Spain built a signature park holds many lessons. BY

To Help Poor Neighborhoods, Urban Planners Have to Do More Than Urban Planning

They can't just improve the physical environment if they want to revitalize poverty-stricken areas. BY



The Longer Americans Live Somewhere, the Less They Like It

The reasons for citizens' dissatisfaction vary from place to place -- but age isn't one of them. BY

Do Animal Shelters Serve People or Pups?

Most have evolved toward a no-kill policy but lack the money or resources to keep every animal alive and well. BY
On Leadership

The Real Purpose of Government

At its heart, it’s about saving capitalism from itself. BY

States Seek Upgrades for Decades-Old Medical Technology

Most have avoided upgrading the systems that run our biggest health-care program themselves. But some are looking to outsource. BY

CFOs Are Movin' On Up

In local government, chief financial officers are starting to find a clearer path to the top spot. BY

The Town That Keeps Getting Abandoned

The once bustling hamlet of Johnsonville, Conn., now a ghost town, is up for sale -- again. BY

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