Cover Story

How America's Overmedicating Low-Income and Foster Kids

BY Chris Kardish

More kids in the U.S., especially low-income and foster-care children, are on antipsychotics than in any other country. States are just starting to intervene.


Infrastructure & Environment

Utah’s Secret Weapon for Long-Range Planning

Most governments don’t plan for population growth well. But Utah’s grassroots, nonideological, research-based approach has become a model for other states and localities. BY

In Memphis, Revolt Overshadows Education Reform's Successes

Driven by fear and frustration, protesters are starting to drown out the supporters of the nation's most ambitious attempt to fix failing schools. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

Once a Vacation Spot, Now an Ecological Nightmare

Southern California’s Salton Sea has been neglected for decades, but there’s reason to hope for its restoration. BY


Public Safety & Justice

Why Cities Hit the Brakes on Red Light Cameras

The use of the once-popular traffic devices has been in decline since 2013. BY

The Classroom Racial Gap Hits an All-Time High

Minority students became the majority this year, but most teachers are still white. Policymakers are seeking for ways to get and keep more minority teachers. BY
Politics & Elections

Q&A With States’ and Localities’ New Man in D.C.

The head of the White House Office of Governmental Affairs talks about his plans for the job and what to expect on the domestic front during Obama’s remaining time in office. BY

What Would You Do With a Budget Surplus?

One Ohio county is rolling in so much extra revenue that it's offering other counties low-interest loans for infrastructure projects. BY

Is Education Reform Worth the Demise of Neighborhood Schools?

Some worry the benefits of a better education don’t outweigh the new problems it brings. BY
Washington Watch

The ‘CEO-Mayors’ Who Care About Cities Instead of Profits

Dan Gilbert of Detroit is just one example of what a CEO determined to help their communities can accomplish. BY
Politics & Elections

In Red States, Cities Can’t Win

The lack of urban legislators in Republican states means cities will have their concerns largely ignored or challenged. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

5 Ways to Get People to Recycle More Electronics

Despite states’ e-recycling laws, electronics are the fastest-growing type of waste in landfills. BY
Health & Human Services

Are Home Health Workers Worth More Than Babysitters?

A looming court ruling will decide whether states have to give minimum wage and overtime pay to home health aides. Most states argue it would be financially crippling. BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

Where’s America’s Entrepreneurial Economy?

Despite many perceptions, entrepreneurship and self-employment have been on the decline for years, especially among Millennials. BY
Urban Notebook

The Dangers of Busting Law-Breaking Businesses

Regulating businesses is necessary, but it can have negative impacts on struggling cities. BY


Management & Labor

Workers Aren’t the Only Ones Waiting for Wage Growth

Decades of stagnant pay is costing states and localities tax revenue. BY
Smart Management

How Government Can Benefit from Becoming Better Storytellers

Most politicians fail to communicate the importance of policies to the public because they lack skills in the art of the anecdote. BY
On Leadership

States Recognizing the Value of New Americans

Legal immigrants are some of the nation’s biggest job creators, which is why more cities are viewing them as a key to economic revival. BY
Tech Talk

States Use Big Data to Nab Tax Fraudsters

Technology has made it easier for people to commit tax fraud and for governments to catch it. BY
Public Money

The Unforeseen Fiscal Challenges of Uber-Like Services

On-demand services like Uber and Airbnb will force state and local governments to rethink taxes, zoning and retirement. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

When Life Gives You Potholes, Make Art

An artist in Chicago uses the city’s potholes as his canvas. BY


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