Cover Story

Can America's Biggest Ports Go Green?

BY Daniel C. Vock

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have set an audacious goal: reducing their greenhouse gas emissions to zero.



Small City, Big Goals: How an Unconventional Mayor Is Beating the System

West Sacramento, Calif.'s Christopher Cabaldon has revived his town and become a player on the national stage. BY

Rising Funeral Costs Put Pressure on Local Governments

Funerals have become a luxury that many Americans can’t afford. Cities and counties are paying the price. BY ,

Human Composting, Liquid Cremation: States Search for Greener Funeral Options

Washington just became the first U.S. state to sanction "human composting," the latest eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial and cremation. BY

How Governments Are Transitioning Their Gender Policies to Nonbinary

A growing number of states and cities are letting residents identify as neither male nor female, setting up a cascade of tough policy questions. BY

Right to an Attorney? Most Tenants Face Landlords Without One.

But a handful of cities are starting to provide counsel in civil court. BY



Where’s the Beef? States Ban Veggie Burgers From Being Labeled 'Meat'

Lawmakers say they want to clear up confusion over plant-based meat substitutes. BY

Want to Slash Your State’s Budget? This Woman Can Help.

Donna Arduin has made a career out of consulting with governors on budget cuts. BY

Is 311 Fair?

A new study examines whether cities respond to complaints as quickly in poor neighborhoods as they do in rich ones. BY

Nonprofits Don’t Have to Pay Taxes, But Boston Still Hopes They’ll Chip In

Half the city’s land mass is occupied by government entities and other tax-exempt institutions. Some city councilors say nonprofits are not paying their fair share. BY

It's Been a Rough Year for Mass Transit

With falling ridership and scrapped expansion projects, urban transit faces an uncertain future. BY

Natural Disasters and Distrust

In an emergency, government must convince people it knows best for them. That's easier said than done. BY

Why Orlando Is a Teenager in the Life Cycle of Cities

Older metros don’t grow the same way younger ones do. Why don’t we acknowledge that? BY

Areas With Most Local Governments Map

Maps shows where cities, towns and other local governments are most concentrated. BY



This Once-Popular Public Policy Tool Could Be Key to States’ Budget Futures

Coordinating commissions have fallen out of favor. It’s time to bring them back. BY

A Remedy for Urban Dullness

How can you build a great place? Expand the number of people who own it. BY

18 and On Your Own: A New Way to Ease the Transition From Foster Care

Aging out of the system brings tough challenges that states are trying to help young adults overcome. BY

Can Surge Pricing Cut Energy Use?

California will be the first state where utilities charge more for power used during peak hours. BY

Nevada's Official State Element

Photos and musing from our photographer. BY

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