Cover Story

How Long Can a State Go Without Repairing Roads and Bridges?

BY Daniel C. Vock

Mississippi is about to find out. Decades of neglect have closed hundreds of bridges, putting the state at the forefront of America's infrastructure fight.



The Importance (and Neglect) of America's 'Middle Neighborhoods'

When a neighborhood isn't rich -- and isn't poor -- government tends to forget about it. BY

With Shootings on the Rise, Schools Turn to 'Active Shooter' Insurance

Gun violence costs lives -- and money. The financial burden can overwhelm governments, especially when they're small or struggling. BY

Can Homelessness Programs Make Money -- and Should They?

"Pay for success" is changing the way cities confront the problem. BY



How Old Is Old Enough to Get Married?

States are raising the age of consent to protect children from forced marriage. No state has gone as far as Delaware. BY

White Flight Returns, This Time From the Suburbs

White residents are either moving back downtown -- or to farther-out exurbs. BY

The Architecture Critic Who Wants to Remake Los Angeles

The city's first chief design officer comes to the job from the Los Angeles Times. BY

The Problem With School Takeovers

Studies show they're ineffective and may unequally impact black and Hispanic communities. BY



Is Government Corruption More Common, or Are We Just Better at Finding It?

Some of today's scandals would have gone unseen a couple decades ago. BY

Programs Like D.A.R.E. and Scared Straight Don't Work. Why Do States Keep Funding Them?

There's a better way for governments to focus on effective initiatives. BY

Can the California GOP Stop Its 'Death Spiral'?

Republicans are split over whether they should move to the middle or embrace their right-wing base. BY

Amid Opioid Crisis, Drug Take-Backs Gain Popularity

A change in federal law lets more than just law enforcement agencies collect unused and unwanted pills. BY

As Storms Worsen, Many Coastal States Aren't Prepared

Lax building codes and poor enforcement are a big problem in some places. BY

How the Mutation of Main Street Is Reshaping Cities

Brick-and-mortar stores are surviving, but what they’re selling is changing. BY

In Fights Between States and Cities, It's Not Just Red vs. Blue

Preempting local laws is no longer a trend in just conservative states. BY



Where Evictions Are Most Common

A new database provides the first-ever national look at evictions. It shows that they happen more often than you think in places you might not expect. BY

See Public Records? Governments Are Making It Harder.

A growing number of states are limiting access to them. BY
On Leadership

The Truth About Racial Equity That Most White Leaders Don't See

Sometimes the morally right thing to do is also the economically smart thing to do. BY

A Glimpse Into the Future of P3s

The real money isn't in roads and bridges. It's in people and services. BY


The Real Housing Issue

Despite what you might think given recent media coverage, the U.S. city with the worst affordable housing problem is not San Francisco. BY

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