Cover Story

Financial Pressures May Table Republicans’ Bold Initiatives

BY Alan Greenblatt

Republicans haven’t had this much power at the state level in almost a century. But budget constraints may temper their appetite for extreme policies in 2015.


Politics & Elections

2015's Top 10 Legislative Issues to Watch

Plus five trending policies and problems to keep an eye on. BY
Politics & Elections

Virginia's Long-Running Page Program Perseveres

The state's legislature has one of the most extensive page programs still running in the country, paying teens to assist and live like lawmakers. BY

Changing a Culture Inside and Out of School

Fixing a failing school may require a complete change in culture. That’s not an easy thing to achieve, but Memphis is trying. BY

Do Credit Ratings Matter Anymore?

Thanks to changes in the market, bond ratings don’t mean what they used to. BY



New Rule Could Require Governments to Report Tax Incentives as Lost Income

It's the biggest effort yet to make government tax subsidies more transparent. BY

A Tale of 'Two Chicagos'

In the city’s upcoming election, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his critics both paint a portrait of the “two Chicagos” but with dueling interpretations. BY

California's 'Game of Chicken' over College Tuition

Unlike nearly every other state, California lacks a central board that oversees higher education, pitting political leaders against university administrators. At issue now is a 28 percent tuition hike. BY

What Does Divided Government Mean for the Future of Politics?

The midterm elections marked the return of divided government, with more than a third of states in split-power situations. BY
Washington Watch

Washington’s Media Myopia

With practically no legislation moving through Congress, the Washington press corps is beginning to focus on action in states and localities. BY
Politics & Elections

Democrats’ Future Looks Grim

Republicans not only swept the states in the fall, they’ve been building up a team of candidates to climb the political ranks. BY
Health & Human Services

How States Are Trying to Make Kids’ Medicaid Checkups Routine

Children in several states are missing their free checkups, a trend that could impact the development and long-term health of millions of low-income children. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

Republican Wave Boosts Anti-Renewable Energy Efforts -- Again

Every state that’s tried to repeal renewable energy standards has failed, but attacks may resurface in several states this year. BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

The Myths of Municipal Mergers

The media attention on Ferguson, Mo., one of the 90 jurisdictions in St. Louis County, has also brought attention to consolidation -- a touted solution to government ills. BY
Urban Notebook

San Francisco’s Major Thoroughfare Gets a Makeover

The city’s changes to one of its most dangerous streets follows an urban trend of making streets safer for pedestrians and bikers. BY


Health & Human Services

The Suicide Crisis

The number of suicides in America is growing, particularly in the West, but the issue rarely garners attention from most policymakers. BY
Smart Management

What Keeps Government Managers Up at Night

An impromptu survey reveals what public officials worry most about and what makes them optimistic about the future. BY
On Leadership

The 3 Flavors of Corruption

What seems like a growing trend of overdiagnosing corruption has negative consequences for not only public officials but the people they serve. BY
Tech Talk

The Growing Data Gap

As data-driven services and programs have grown, so has the data disparity between the rich and the poor. BY
Public Money

Ebola Scare Highlights the Uncertain Costs of a Pandemic

Questions loom about who will pay for the fallout of a national health crisis and what kind of impact it could have on credit ratings. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

The Battle of the Traffic Light

How Irish nationalism in Syracuse, N.Y., resulted in a world-renowned upside-down traffic light. BY


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