Cover Story

For This Pot Guy, States Are His Biggest Customers

BY J.B. Wogan

After leading the creation of the nation's first legal marijuana market in Colorado, Andrew Freedman took the lessons he learned and made a business out of helping states regulate the drug.



What If Government Just Gave Everyone Cash, No Strings Attached?

The radical idea of a universal basic income is far from new, but it's finally being tested around the world -- even in America. BY

Don Willett’s Lone Star Legal Show

The Texas Supreme Court justice is witty and approachable, and he's huge on Twitter. He's also one of the most influential conservative jurists in the country right now. BY

How Driverless Cars Could Be a Big Problem for Cities

The technology could signal the beginning of the end of parking tickets and other revenue sources. Some cities' budgets could take a big hit. BY

Legal or Not, States Forge Ahead With 401(k)-for-Everyone Plans

Congress jeopardized the future of state plans to help private employees save for retirement. States don't seem to care. BY



In State Budget Talks, Governors Play Hardball

Some negotiations have become so heated that legislatures have taken their fight to the courts. BY

Work for Us – Or Else: The Rise of Noncompete Contracts

It's now common, even for lower-paying jobs, to make employees pledge their loyalty to companies. Some states are stepping in to stop the corporate abuse. BY

Are ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Laws Just Symbolic?

Critics say laws that treat attacks against police officers as a hate crime are unnecessary and hard to enforce. BY

What Happens When the Attorney General Refuses to Defend a Law?

In lawsuits involving high-profile partisan issues, some state AGs choose to sit out. BY



What Judges Don’t Understand About Transportation

There are no crystal balls, yet some judges expect planners and policymakers to predict the future anyway. BY

Infrastructure Lessons From One of the Nation’s First P3s

A 75-year-old highway project offers clues to solving a critical present-day problem. BY

In Minneapolis, Liberal Isn’t Good Enough for the Left

“The Trump dystopia is clearly motivating people to do something, and at the local level that means running for office, even against your own party.” BY

As Health Departments Expand Their Role, Can They Keep Up With Basic Services?

The conflicts playing out in one North Carolina county could be plaguing other places. BY

Can States and Cities Really Uphold the Paris Climate Deal?

They have pledged to carry out the landmark accord on behalf of America. We asked environmental experts for the most effective and politically practical ways they can help do that. BY

The Rise of the Rootless Economy

Increasingly, people are selling everything from everywhere. It’s given hope to communities once shut out of the global economy. BY

Why Sun Belt Cities Need Unique Solutions to Common Problems

The typical tools of urban America don’t always work in the rapidly growing region. BY



Is Automation Anxiety All Hype?

Fears are spreading that automation will be a massive job-killer. But the extent to which that could be true depends on the region and industry -- and which researcher you talk to. BY

Why Are Government Websites So Bad?

Broken links, outdated information and mysterious abbreviations are just a few of the problems. BY
On Leadership

Throwing Money at Businesses Has Been a Bad Idea Since the Start

It's time to abandon corporate tax breaks. Just look at their history. BY

Drowning in Data, Cities Turn to 'Citizen Scientists'

Governments have more data than they have the manpower to handle. Some recruit volunteers to help analyze it all, but they're far from being experts in data. BY

What's Good Enough for the Gherkin Should Be Good Enough for Americans

The most sophisticated risk managers in the world invest in state and local governments. So why are Americans so hesitant? BY

Music Rocks! Especially in Denver.

It's home to Red Rocks, “the only naturally occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheater in the world.” BY

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