Cover Story

Evangelicals' Power Isn't Eroding in the Age of Trump. It's Adjusting.

BY John Buntin

Pundits keep predicting the religious group's decline as a political force. But they may actually be gaining influence.



How Charter Schools Lost Democrats' Support

The biggest school reform movement in the past decade is taking some hits. BY

Drugs? Pets? Couples? Unlike Most Homeless Shelters, This One Will Take You No Matter What

Las Vegas is taking a new, more tolerant approach to helping the homeless. BY

With Number of Missing Native American Women Unknown, States Seek Answers

States are starting to address the jurisdictional issues that leave so many of these cases unsolved. BY

States Worry About the Downside of Low Unemployment

Is the strong job market hiding a growing skills gap? BY

Can Smart Cities Get Smarter?

The smart city model has been around for years. It's got a lot of learning to do. BY



Can Detroit's Turnaround Go Beyond Downtown?

Mayor Mike Duggan has pledged to spend $130 million to help revive neglected neighborhoods in the city. BY

Why California Is Suing Its Own Cities

In one of his first moves as governor, Gavin Newsom is taking some cities to court for failing to address the affordable housing crisis. BY

Forget Congress: Many State Lawmakers Are Running for Mayor This Year

Why are they breaking norms and eyeing city hall instead of Capitol Hill? BY

Texas Aims to Cut Taxes, This Time Without Cutting Education Funding

How will it achieve both goals when half of the property tax revenue goes to schools? BY

'Vertical Villages' May Be the Future of Urban Living. That's Scary.

They take mixed-use development to an extreme with buildings that residents may never need to leave. BY

Why Talking About Health Care Is Hard for 2020 Candidates

The biggest issue is difficult to debate, and it's not "Medicare for all." BY

The Green New Deal Overlooks Cities’ Role

Climate change discussions must not ignore the impacts that local governments and extreme weather have on one another. BY

What the Rise in Renting Means for Cities

Plus, where renting is gaining in popularity the fastest. BY



What Do Constituents Want? Cities Go Online to Find Out.

Local governments are using internet surveys to better gauge residents’ needs. BY
On Leadership

A Performance Innovation That Actually Works

The “theory of constraints” can help governments address the core of practically any problem. BY

A Cautionary Tale for the New Muni Bond Era

A decade after the Libor scandal, a new approach to interest rates could help U.S. states and cities -- if they change their thinking. BY

In Infrastructure, Embrace the Unforeseen

We often use it in ways not intended. Most of the time, that’s a good thing. BY

When Rural Hospitals Close, More Than Health Care Is Lost

At least 95 have closed their doors since 2010, and roughly a quarter of the ones left are at risk of shuttering. BY

As Wildfire Season Nears, California Power Companies Get a Warning

After PG&E's bankruptcy and downgrades, S&P says more could follow if the state doesn't reform utility regulations. BY

The Mayor Who Lives in Thomas Paine's Old Home

Photos and musings from our photographer. BY

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